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Cornwall Youth Choirs has its own Youth Forum managed and run by several of the older singers in CYC. They lead on specific aspects of the choir management and are the ‘choir’s singers’ voice’, working together with the staff to enhance experiences for all our singers.

The Cornwall Youth Choir Youth Forum consists of a group of our older singers who have experienced many of the choirs from a young age and are now part of Cornwall Youth Choir. They meet every month in person or online, and they run their own contact group, organised by one of the singers.

The Youth Forum are very much involved in all CYC decision making from rehearsal through to concerts, and they not only act as the official ‘Singers’ Voice’ but they help with the general running of the choirs in a volunteer capacity.

As part of their activity, they have the opportunity to lead sections of rehearsals and have in-house development on choir leadership, so that they will eventually be able to lead small vocal groups or choirs themselves.

All members of the Youth Forum are active solo singers, and they very much shine a light on this important aspect of choral singing, engaging and assisting younger singers to develop and grow.

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